Promo Audio Radio Show, Hosted by Dj Rusty [February 2017]

Tracklist + Download

Brand new Promo Audio Radio show hosted by Dj Rusty is now available.

Dj Rusty played a lot of amazing music.


Dj Rusty – Kinda Girl [VIP]
A Sides – Uptown Feat. Cool Hand Flex (Serum Remix)
Breakage – Kill Dem
Satl – Sunshine
Brain – Doric Song
Masterwizard – Line One
Artificial Intelligence – 100%
A.M.C – Southpaw [VIP]
Hazard – Wicked So
Dj Rusty – Magic Trooper
Novaglitch – Alnilam
Dj Rusty – The Betrayer
Baz & Simplistix – All Ganja Man
Dj Rusty – Sweet Cherry Lips
Dj Rusty , Masterwizard and T-Hertz – In The Guetto
Delta & Formatgave – You The Love
Insaint – Changes

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