Dj Ciland - Ready of the Dub 9 ( Promo Audio )

Dj Ciland - Ready of the Dub Forthcoming on Ciland Series Part.1 , more info :

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Dj Rusty @ Bogotá Project Night (Colombia) 2015

check this video, Dj Rusty smashed again in Colombia, big ups to all Bogotá Project Crew! more info about Dj Rusty : Track on video : Dj Rusty - System Failed VIP (out now in all the best digital shops)

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Promo Audio Session W/ Drumagick , Dj Rusty , Dj Marnel

Wicked Session at BAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC CENTER in São Paulo - Brazil w/ Dj Rusty and guests : Drumagick and Dj by Lopez CreativeThe Bass

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Promo Audio Recordings founded in 2005 by DJ and producer Rusty , in order to launch and focus only on Dum'n'Bass, thus being the first Brazilian label to launch Vinyl " 12 with sales across the world.

The label worked in the pressing of the vinyl's with the largest distributor in Europe and extinct - " NU- URBAN MUSIC" , releasing 4 singles Vinyl format 12-inch, With the increase in digital sales worldwide , the CEO decided to entering that market, decreasing the pressings and launching more releases in digital format .

The label released numerous national and international artists held numerous partys called " Promo Audio Night " in São Paulo and already return with partys projects in Brazil and other countries like Argentina, Colombia , England and Spain!

You can find all Promo Audio Recordings releases in all the best online shops!